Let's fix what's broken in American democracy

Our democracy is under attack - and not just from Donald Trump. It's under seige from unethical profiteers, corporate lobbying, and, in some cases, even the abdication of moral responsibility within the tech community.

But we also have an opportunity to use this turmoil to turn the tables and create the right system. A system that's fair, moral, and human.

Today, in 2018, American democracy is the least representative of the will of the people it's ever been in recent history. Corporate and PAC money in politics is at all-time highs. And despite 70% of Americans wanting universal background checks, more responsible gun safety laws, Medicare for all, and a higher minimum wage; 64% supporting marijuana legalization and decriminalization; and 59% supporting more clean energy and environmental protections, our Republican-led Congress continues to block progress in favor of tax cuts for their rich donors and big corporations.

In fact, with today's Congress, the 25 smallest states - elected by 16.2% of the U.S. population - can use VP Mike Pence's vote to pass legislation that impacts the other 270 million Americans and gives us no say.

That needs to change, starting with the Midterm elections this November 6, 2018.

It's time for unified, inspired action. Here's our contribution to that movement
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This November It's Now Or Never - We Need Everyone to Vote on 11/6/18

The November 6, 2018 midterm elections are only a few weeks away, and they're the best chance for progressives and patriotic Americans to bring working class ideals, fairness, equality, and humanity back in our government - by swinging the House of Representatives in Congress Democrat (and, better yet, the Senate too).

It's critically important that we harness the anger and frustration we all feel toward the current administration into tangible, grassroots action - that's why we've worked hard at Brightest to curate the best ways you can find important local elections, have a positive impact, and get involved to GOTV for progressive, Democratic, and Democratic Socialist campaigns in every state.

Don't just read the news - let's respond, work together, and do something about it.

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