Our Labor Principles

Here at Brightest, we state our mission as follows:

Our mission is to help you live better, work better, and change the world on your terms.

One of the foundational pillars in that belief is our conviction around the importance of purposeful work. Work sits at the center of human potential - our ability to create and innovate. We believe everyone has a right to do fulfilling work and earn a livable wage. Not only does work determine the economic fate of our families, communities, and future, studies also show that the ability to do purposeful work is one of the top deciding factors of most peoples' personal happiness.

And, as a tech company, we recognize we have an important responsibility in our relationship with work and automation. That's why we carry respect for work (and workers) of all types, and stand in solidarity with both tech laborers and workers in other industries to lift up and enable our collective possibilities to pursue purposeful work.

tech worker labor solidarity

Organized Labor Solidarity

We stand with workers, unions, and labor organizers, and are proud to make Brightest available as a tool for workers in all industries to organize around social justice, worker's rights, economic inclusion, workplace diversity, and technology ethics. If you're a labor organizer looking use Brightest, please apply for access here.

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Practice What We Preach

We strongly support worker's rights and workplace diversity inside Brightest and through our partner ecosystem, including support for employee unions and organizing, striving to always implement tolerant, fair, and inclusive labor practices, making all Brightest swag with union labor and sustainable materials, and ensuring our employees all get voting shares in our company and a seat at the table.

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Ethical Technology

We care and think about the ethical implications of our work (and our industry's) a lot, and want to set an example as thoughtful, transparent stewards of our platform, the data we collect, and the responsibilities that carries. See here for examples of our latest research and educational resources.